"Deaf actors may not have the same tools that most actors do, but the gifted men and women in this splendid production achieve the same ideal ends, lighting up the lives of their characters from within, even when the light only reveals the darkness of their confusion, frustration and despair."

- New York Times

"The casting of the other kids is similarly on the money, from Daniel N. Durant and Alex Boniello playing and voicing beleagured Moritz and Joshua Castille as sexually ambivalent Ernst."


"This revival of Spring Awakening is that rare reimagining that furthers the themes of the original work, rather than plastering over them with an auteur's vision. It's hard to envision it being staged any other way in the future. "



The show was nominated for Best Revival. Watch the performance below. 


Run Dates:3/3/2017 - 3/26/2017

Directed By: Michael Arden


Austin McKenzie - Melchior

Sandra Mae Frank - Wendla

Katie Boeck - V/O Wendla

Daniel Durant - Mortiz

Alex Boniello - V/O Mortiz

Krysta Rodriguez - Ilse

Joshua Castille - Ernst

Daniel David Stewart - V/O Ernst

Andy Minteus - Hanschen 

Treshelle Edmond - Marta

Kathryn Gallagher - V/O Marta

Ali Stroker - Anna 

Alex Wyse - Georg 

Amelia Hensley - Thea

Lauren Luiz - Melitta (Thea's Sister) 

Miles Barbee - Otto 

Sean Grandillo - V/O 

Russell Harvard - Adult Man

Marlee Matlin - Adult Woman

Patrick Page - Adult Man

Camryn Manheim - Adult Woman

Swing Team

Robert Ariza

Lizzy Cuesta

Elizabeth Greene

Daniel Marmion

Anthony Natale


Van Hughes

Alexandria Wailes

Behind the Scenes:
Blake Silver  - Assistant Director                                                                                                                                   Spencer Liff - Choreographer                                                                                                                 

Ben Stanton - Light Designer                                                                                                                            Gareth Owen - Sound Designer
Dane Laffrey- Scenic Designer
Elizabeth GreeneAnthony Natale & Shoshannah Stern  - Sign Masters