Gregory Award

Outstanding Actor in a Musical goes to.. E.J. Cardona & Joshua M. Castille for "Hunchback of Notre Dame" at The 5th Avenue Theatre!



Castille and Cardona do an excellent job as the deformed creature giving him tons of heart and making him extremely likable and a total hero.

- BroadwayWorld

Mr. Castille easily transforms into the character, capturing our hearts and having the audience immediately in the palm of his hand. His movements are graceful, even with the prosthetic hump as well as the character’s other physical ailments, giving the audience a perfect performance.

-Equality365: Entertainment News

Joshua M. Castille plays Quasimodo with heartbreaking authenticity, sincerity and a relentless commitment to literally contort his body for the two hour production.

Run Dates:6/1/2018 - 1/24/2018

Directed By: Glenn Casale


Quasiomodo: Joshua Castille

Voice of Quasimodo: E.J. Cardona

Frollo: Allen Fitzpatrick

Esmerelda: Dan’yelle Williamson

Clopin: Dane Stokinger

Phoebus: Brandon O’Neil


Eric AnkrimKody Bringman, Kristin Burch, Jade Solomon Curtis, Candice DonehooDavione GordonCorinna Lapid Munter, Taylor Niemeyer, Richard Peacock, Zoe Raphael, Aaron Shanks, Greg StoneJordan Iosua Taylor, Carolyn Willems Van Dijk and Matt Wolfe.

& The Pacific Lutheran University Choral Union


Choreographer: Dana Solimando

ASL MASTER: Ryan Schlect