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Carrying an MFA degree from USC, Jules Dameron is an award-winning film director who's directed a TV series, "Møkkakaffe" in Norway, as well as creating numerous ASL music videos such as "Different Colors," "Rolling in the Deep," "Lazy Song," "Somebody I Used to Know.” Jules has directed short films and web series such as Crazy Town, Don’t Shoot the Messenger, and Reverse Polarity. Jules has worked with many well-known talents such as Marlee Matlin, Sean Young, & Sean Berdy. Jules has also delved into theatre direction with New York Deaf Theatre’s Maple & Vine. Jules is also giving herself a taste of acting by playing the role of Capulet in Ophelia’s Jump’s Romeo & Juliet and the role of Defloria in Middle 8 at the Stella Adler Theatre in Hollywood. Jules continues to direct, act and write without a break. www.julesameron.com