Joshua Castille



Joshua Castille was born and raised in southern Louisiana. Growing up deaf in a hearing public school system gave Josh the unique perspective of seeing the world through two cultures and languages simultaneously. He found a balance of social and academic success, and yearned to express his experiences to others in an artistic form. He had identified the key role models in his life, and through the direction of these role models and from academic involvement opportunities, he was encouraged to foster leadership within himself. Josh quickly became a self-advocate, proactively seeking after any opportunity to express himself and expose his experiences as a Deaf person in his hearing community.

During his youth and young adulthood, Josh has been able to study piano, viola, choir singing, and sign performance. He has always been passionate about theatre, and took classes over the years to refine his skills. He was active in the academic Talented Theatre program, Shakespeare intensive camps, and Sign Language Club. These opportunities fed him, leading Josh to grow his own style and voice in the creative world.

Josh recognizes the following role models for influencing him on his journey: Nicole Castille, Rachel Brown, Blaine Peltier, Lian Cheramie, Michael Arden, and Jules Dameron.