“…Castille is amazing in the role bringing in tons of nuance and heart without speaking much. His depth with the role is astounding as he captures the arc beautifully and the moments where he does let out a phrase or a sound become all the more powerful for their scarcity…”

- BroadwayWorld Review

“…Castille plays Romeo as a frantic, flailing, emo teen, which is exactly what you want to see. His striking stare melts into a softly amorous gaze every time he looks at Juliet…”

- The Stranger Review

 Run Dates:3/6/19 – 3/31/19

Directed By: John Langs


Joshua Castille - Romeo

Gabriella O’Fallon - Juliet

Chip Sherman - Benvolio

Howie Seago - Friar Lawrence

Amy Thone - Nurse/Prince/Apothecary

Darraugh Kennan - Mercutio/Lord Montague

Ryan Higgins - Tybalt

Reggie Jackson - Lord Capulet

Lindsay Evans - Lady Capulet/Friar John

Chad Sommerville - Paris/Ensamble

Mikey Flores - Samson/Peter/Ensamble

Matthew Thomasmoore - Gregory/Ensamble

Behind the Scenes:

John Langs Director
Skip Mercier Scenic Designer
Pete Rush Costume Designer
Robert Aguilar Lighting Designer
Robertson Witmer Sound Designer
Geoff Alm Fight Coach
Ellie Savidge Sign Coach
Ruth Eitemiller Stage Manager
Kelly McGee Production Assistant